4 Predictions for 2021 in a COVID-19 World

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The Labor Market Will Not Fully Recover in 2021 Businesses will not recover to pre-pandemic revenue levels in 2021, meaning that the labor market will not completely recover. According to the Congressional Budget Office, household employment is expected to recover … Continued

Coronavirus and the Economy

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Small Businesses The Small Business Administration has given $520 billion in Personal Payback Protection (PPP) loans to help 5 million businesses cover 8 weeks of payroll costs. The program does not provide small businesses enough relief, with most of it … Continued

Personal Finance

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Learning how to control your spending is the first lesson that everyone should learn. Waiting until you have money in hand to spend on a new computer is preferable to buying it on credit. Credit cards convince us that we … Continued

How Does the Stock Market Work

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How the Stock Market Works The stock market allows buyers and sellers to negotiate prices on company stock, bonds, and exchange-trade products.Companies decide to list shares of stock (shares of ownership in a public company) on an exchange market during … Continued

What are Economics

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A Basic Understanding of Economics The problem of infinite desires and limited resources is at the core of the study of economics. Adam Smith, one of the first modern economic thinkers, said economics is the study of the allocation of … Continued