I’m Nick and I’ve been writing about business and the economy since 2012. I write about topics ranging from how to start good financial routines, how to make smart investing decisions, and how to build your business from the ground up.

I’m inspired to write because I believe that society moves forward through sharing knowledge. I benefited from the advice that my mentors gave me and I like the concept of passing on what I’ve learned to the next generation. Being a contributor to this blog will allow me to leave another layer of knowledge and share my work.

I’ve been invited to speak at major companies and events and have given seminars on how to build and maintain successful financial habits. My projects outside of work, I like to take photos of places that I’ve visited and I’ve written recommendations for restaurants that I’ve attended around the world. Joe and I decided to create this blog after working on several team projects at our company.


When I first moved to New York in 2004, I was an ambitious woman intent on becoming a successful writer, building a successful company, and proving myself to everyone. As I made a name for myself at my company, I realized that everything that I did involved pleasing someone else. I was jumping through hoops to please clients and investors.

That feeling of emptiness and inability to turn work success into personal success is what inspired me to contribute to this blog. Now, I enjoy writing because I can share my experience and I am only accountable to my partners and myself.

A few years ago, one of my best friends and co-workers insisted that I set up my own blog, going as far as to even write an “about me” section for it. I ignored it for several months. Suddenly, my mind changed through a chance encounter. A common contact told me that Nick and Joe were developing a business-oriented blog and were actively recruiting a third writer. The rest is history.


I was born-and-raised a Jersey boy with a love for Bruce Springsteen and the New York Mets. After working at several corporate jobs unable to find the right fit, I realized that I had a unique combination of skills and interests. This wide range of interests is essential for the entrepreneurial spirit and for getting businesses off the ground. I began to share business ideas with the online community and started writing in 2007.

I’ve always been interested in maximizing our individual talents and achieving our potential. I want to know why some people struggle in certain business and management situations while others thrive. Fundamentally, I want to discover what concepts like happiness and success look like in real life. I met Nick in my last position where we worked together often and created our blog together.